Rooftop tents initially gained popularity among adventurers and overlanders who wanted an easy way to stay off the ground and away from predators while exploring the Australian Outback. But their practicality and easy set-up have made them a sought-after item by campers everywhere on the planet. Simply place a tent on your car's roof rack and you can deploy it almost instantly by extending your ladder. This makes camping on trails, scattered sites, and almost anywhere else where you can easily park your car.

Clearly the market has responded. There are now dozens of great options, ranging from inexpensive cloth covers to tough, highly durable, weather-resistant fiber covers, and some innovative options in between like IKAMPER.

Here are the three best ceiling stores in the world for their finishes and quality / price ratio.

I barely

Skycamp 2.0

3.899,00 - 4.249,00

I barely



Skycamp mini

Skycamp Mini

3.499,00 - 3.749,00
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