Before the end of the year, iKamper will launch the X-Cover, promoted by the brand as the world's first TEINDA four-person roof 'without a rigid cover' and with an integrated zipper.

iKamper hit the market last year with the Skycamp for four people, the most successful rooftop tent project in Kickstarter history. The X-Cover debuted in 2018.

The X-Cover has everything travelers loved about the Skycamp: sleek looks, rugged yet lightweight design, instant mounting, and a king-size bed.

But it's a new inverted platform design, which creates a solid space for a top-loading zipper, which makes the iKamper X-Cover so special. Oh, and that "no hardtop" feature is nice too.

In short, the X-Cover is quite perfect. You get the benefits of a compact, family-friendly rigid case with an integrated rack system at a lower price than the original Skycamp.

Watch this video to see how it works.

Like the Skycamp, X-Cover can sleep four people. But instead of a hard cover to create an angular wall in the store, the X-Cover is made of fabric.

The tent platform does the heavy lifting. It's the same solid base structure as the Skycamp - lightweight aluminum panels with a honeycomb design that adds strength.

Sounds like a hard place to put off, but it's this elevated sleeping platform that campers in ground tents seem to appreciate the most in the iKamper products .

The Xcover closes with a zipper

But that is not the sole purpose of the platform in the X-Cover . When closed, the flat top has a full rack system for loading, kayaks, surfboards, and whatever use you want. The X-Cover system comes with two integrated cross bars.

While the top of the deck remains low-profile, it doesn't look as sleek as the Skycamp's molded aerodynamic shell. But that's not the important thing… it's getting space at the top plus a rooftop tent for four in your car or 4 × 4.

Built-in zipper, but no cover

XCOVER scheme

Also new are the drop down awnings on the windows and a zip closure system to contain the closed poly cotton canvas tent under the platform. That's right, there is no bag. It's one of the things travelers hate the most about soft-top tents.

It seems a good option for a trip of four people, light and without a rigid roof with integrated cross bars that give it a higher load capacity ...

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