Rooftop tents have become essential for travelers around the world and iKamper continues to be the fastest growing brand in large part due to the Skycamp 4X model.


We have previously traveled with the iKamper Skycamp 4X so we are going to talk about the main improvements of the new Skycamp 4x 2.0 model

-The 2.0 store includes a world map to plan your adventures.


-The visco elastic foam mattress is now thicker.


-Now it has smart side straps to effortlessly tuck the canvas into the case making it even easier to close the tent.
-Comes with tension posts for the side windows.


-The steps of the ladder are more horizontal to climb barefoot more comfortably.

-The 2.0 is an improved version made from customer comments, thus creating a model with many improvements.

Most people who travel with the skycamp leave their bedding and pillows inside, thus gaining a lot of space in the vehicle.


-The sunroof is a very simple idea and it is surprising that it is not something more common. in stores of this type since nothing beats looking at the stars from the comfort of your store.

Of course, the king size mattress is hard to beat. It is perfect for both couples seeking luxury and small families.

Small details like the ladder that does not obstruct the rear door of the vehicle is another added advantage.

The spacious attached tent at iKamper is quick to set up and compact to transport. They add exceptional versatility to this setup.


In recent years, we have tested the iKamper Skycamp 4X, Skycamp 2X and now Skycamp 4X 2.0 in Australia.

Fine dust and water have never leaked out.

Premium rooftop tents for two generally range from 60-100kg. The iKamper Skycamp 4X 2.0 weighs 73 kg, and the tent space is impressive.

After testing the new skyamp it is clear to us that ikamper continues to use excellent design and qualities that are difficult to find in other similar products.

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